Project information

  • Category: Interior, Electrical, IT
  • Client: Industrial Technology Institute
  • Project Date: 01 October, 2019

Sensory Analysis Lab

The principal techniques of sensory evaluation in order to compare and judge the qualities of various food products, as well as the changes that take place during processing and preservation. The lab is also available to outside companies seeking to study the sensory properties of their own products, and provides an important quality-control opportunity, including a final written report of the results.

An adjacent lab kitchen is available for producing the samples tested in the 8 lab booths. Each booth is equipped with computers for recording test subjects’ responses, which are processed using software.

Sensory analysis tests are used to study food-product or food-preparation qualities, through a variety of qualitative and quantitative sensory methods. Such tools are used to identify significant differences between similar products, as well as the intensity of both the differences and the sensory attributes. Results are often used in developing new products and marketing strategies.