CCTV Stands for "Closed Circuit Television". It is also known as video surveillance and it is the use of video cameras to transmit or send a signal to a specific place and connects with limited set of monitors. It is very essential products to install the security places like banks, factories, Hospitals, Shops, Shopping Malls and areas where large amounts of people gather. Benefits of CCTV’s are crime deterrent, Monitor activities, collect evidence, Decision making and can keep records safe.

2. Time Attendance

In this Time and attendance systems are used to be easily track and monitor while employees start and stop work. It is one of the important system to be used everywhere. We Cybis are the leading biometric time and attendance system provider in Sri Lanka. It will helps to Simplify your staff planning requirements, helping you to organize holidays and sickness and useful to avoid timesheet errors.

3. Home Automation

Home automation is called to build your home fully automated that is named as Smart home. If the home has applied home automation system we can control lighting, entertainment systems, doors and home appliances also. It also included access control and alarm systems with this. The main feature is you can access to control device in your home from a mobile device from anywhere in the world. Benefits of home automation is security, comfort and convenience.

4. Smart LED Lights

In this smart LED lights are one of the new technologies driven, app-controlled and it is customizable lighting service solution. You can easily operate these LEDs with the help your smart phone once you downloading the app. better you can Install them in your house and redefine the house looks. The main thing is the LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely.

5. Burglar Alarm

The burglar alarm is an electric controlling device that makes a loud bell ring if someone unknown tries to enter a building by force. In this Smart Burglar Alarm is based on a loop of copper wire it is laid at the entrance of the secured area of your personal. Nowadays Burglar alarms are used in most of the modern homes. Actually our security burglar alarms can detect intrusion or any fire outbreak in your home. There are various types of burglar alarms available in the market.

6. GSM Communicator

In this GSM Communicator has provided a simple effective solution to all of your security equipment notification needs. Actually GSM Communicators are designed to ensure with low-cost, high-speed and reliable alarm communications. It should be used as a backup for standard PSTN telephone line in the event of failure or as a replacement for standard telephone line when it is not possible to set it up.

7. Access Control

To define Access control, it is a way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. In this Access control is a smart security technique that will regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. There are two types of access control: physical and logical. This access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.

8. Entrance Control

In this entrance Control has integrates with the surrounding technologies necessary to secure entrance control, it is not simply the gate or door. It has Integrating with video surveillance, vehicle license plate readers, payment systems and back-office systems, Touch Path Entrance Control it enables enhanced functionality with the creation of sophisticated monitoring and alerts. . The main thing is the unauthorized door opening can be detected immediately.

9. Fire Alarm Systems

The definition of fire alarm systems, it has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. In this fire alarm system can be set off automatically by smoke detectors, heat detectors or manually. Fire alarm warning devices can be set to different volume a level that is easy to set. Having fire alarms in your home that will help you and your family safe while emergencies occur are essential.

10. PA Systems

The PA Systems stands for public address system. It s an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. The main goal of a PA system is to provide public address or a way to transmit audio communication to the concern group. In this transmission can begin with a microphone, which is a device that can assist in magnifying an audio source's volume. The simple PA systems can used in small places such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars etc.

11. Smart Lock

The smart lock is an electro mechanical lock it is designed to performing lock and unlock operations on a door when it has receive such instructions from an authorized device. Another procedure is the Smart locks allow users to grant access to a third party it means of a virtual key. This virtual key can be able to sent recipient smart phone over standard messaging protocols such as e-mail or SMS.

12. Video Door Phone

In this Video door phone has another name is intelligent door phone. It is an essential for your home. The one of the main feature of video door entry is that it has enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if they wish or engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling. Nowadays most of the business peoples residential have this facility.

13. Electric Fence

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to find animals and people crossing our boundary limit. Electric fences are mostly designed to create an electrical circuit (shock) while touched by a person or animal. Now a day most electric fences are used for agricultural fencing and animal control and most of them are security of sensitive areas, such as military installations, prisons.

14. Gate Automations

Gate Automations are used to control access into a secured area and prohibited areas. Automatic gates work by using sensors that is the type of trigger motion. If suppose the sensors are blocked or damaged the automatic gate will fail to open. We should keep clean inside the automatic gate of dirt and small animals so that the sensor will work all times perfectly.

15. Occupancy Sensor

The occupancy Sensor devices used to detect the presence of a people or person to automatically control lights or temperature or ventilation systems. It is an indoor motion detecting device. In this occupancy sensors which are turn on or dim lights automatically detecting movement of the object. These types of Occupancy sensors are used to save energy, it provides automatic control, and complies with building codes.

16. Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking system is one of the technology to helps all the transport owners such as bikes, car, Bus etc.. These Vehicle Tracking Systems allows an organization or management to monitor and manage its fleet of vehicles more effectively and efficiently. The Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS (Global Positioning System) or GLONASS technology for tracking our vehicle. Once we install this facility we can view Vehicle information on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

17. School Timer

Normally school timer has designed to meet the needs for an easy programmable school bell timer. It should be activate electric gong bell or sirens on factory floors to alert shift changes or breaks, or any similar application where an external device needs to be triggered at a specific time on a daily or weekly schedule. These types of School Timer are great for children, or maybe business meetings, or anything else.