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  • Category: Software
  • Clients: 500+
  • Initial Release: 01 March, 2012

MoneyLeaf Cheque Writer

MoneyLeaf is professional cheque writing software or cheque printing software that enables sri lankan corporate and home users to print cheque-book cheque accurately, easily and safely. This program prints: cheque payee, cheque amount, word amount and cheque date onto a banker’s cheque. Layout designer enables support for wide range of printer and cheque layouts. It automatically converts numbers to words. You can have your cheque printed with just a few seconds without any special cheque printer.

MoneyLeaf software does not only print cheque it also maintains the information of cheque number the cheque amount you paid, whom you paid, the reason why you made the payment. Cheque writer software stores your client's and cheque's information to a secure database. You also have facilities like inserting, deleting & updating of payee records and cheque's information efficiently.

With MoneyLeaf software, spelling mistakes and differences in amount and amount in words that will result in cheque being returned can be eliminated. The payee’s name that was printed before is automatically stored and the name can be retrieve with just a few initial keys. This will eventually reduce the administrative cost incurred for returned cheques!

MoneyLeaf software can provide you fast, friendly service at competitive rates. This user-friendly software enables you to print any bank cheques using only minimum system requirement.

MoneyLeaf software can use in any common office used printer, including laser printer, inkjet printer and dot matrix printer. No special cheque printer involves.

MoneyLeaf software supported microsoft windows platforms (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP). All this operating system is commonly used in most of the office.

MoneyLeaf Software Benefits:
  • Eliminate spelling mistake and returned cheques.
  • Professional Look.
  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Increase company reputations and image

# Features Basic Professional
1 Multi Bank
2 Multi Currency
3 Automatically converts number to word
4 Layout Designer
5 Adjustable Cheque Alignment
6 Automatic Payee Name Listing
7 Signature Printing
8 Voucher Printing
9 Import Data From Microsoft Excel
10 Expense Management
12 Automatic Letter Preparation(Cover Letter, Stop Payment, Cheque Book Request)
13 Assist in Financial Planning using Reports & Search Function
Price- Single User License 10,000.00 20,000.00